About LC’s Asian Kitchen

LC's Asian Kitchen - Our Store Front

Madison Heights Store Front

LC’s Asian Kitchen is owned and operated by Run Lei and his family. With a combined experience of 40 years of traditional Chinese cuisine, half of which is rooted in China and half here in Michigan.

Run and his family originally moved from China to Seattle and then here to Michigan, where he continued serving traditional Asian cuisine following in the footsteps of his Uncle Ying Lee. The family’s main focus is serving food that you would find in China, not the American-Asian cuisine that is traditionally served here in the U.S. Run’s entrepreneurial spirit lead him to LC’s Asian Kitchen where his family helps serve the community and provides a unique experience in Asian dining.

LC's Asian Kitchen - LC's Shrimp Fired Rice

LC’s Shrimp Fired Rice

Let’s meet the family! Run- Owner, You Hong Ma – Run’s wife and front of the house manager, putting the family touch on serving you. Helping in the kitchen is Bi Juan Li – Run’s mom giving a loving touch to their food, and Jian Hua Ma – Run’s brother-in-law adding traditional techniques and putting his experience to work to create real Chinese cuisine that you can taste. Working together they have created a cozy family atmosphere, and they welcome you to their family, and can’t wait to give you a unique experience that you won’t forget!

Our Chef’s History

Our Chef, Run Lei, has been in the food industry for over 20 year.

He learned his specialty in China to make Dim Sum and has been focused on making Dim Sun for more than 10 years. He then came to the United States and his his work career changed to Cook Chef.

We have been operating this restaurant, LC’s Asian Kitchen, for more than 8 years   and every year we have experienced continuous improvement and progress.

Because we are all professionals, we continuously pursue quality first and sincere service.

Our Chef’s family believes he will continue to strive to a higher level for the Catering Industry.